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Leading the Charge for Change

Heimlich Heroes™ is an agent of change, training tens of thousands in the Heimlich Maneuver® each year. We're on mission to ensure everyone has the opportunity for training. Every purchase you make in our store supports our program and extends our reach.

Purchasing materials and products here not only enhances the training experience, but afterwards serves as an invaluable reminder. Scouts can earn badges. Bookmarks and posters remind and reinforce the training messages.




Donations Extend our Training Reach

You know how important Heimlich Heroes training is. You may not realize what our actual costs are and the importance of your donations! Each training, including shipping and all materials, costs our organization about $500 for a group of 25-30 kids.

To continue sustaining our program, know that every donation makes a difference! And, 90% of all donations go toward program and material costs. Thank you for your generosity!