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Thank you for your interest in the Heimlich Heroes™ training program! Here’s how it works:

  • Tell us how many you are training by ordering basic kits for each participant: Order separately for grades 1-3, grades 4-7, and grade 8-adult, English and/or Spanish.
  • At checkout, you will pick a training date at least 3 weeks out.
  • If renting/purchasing the training dolls, we will email one return label that must be used within 72 hours of the registered training date.
  • Any changes to date or numbers must be approved in writing at least 3 weeks prior to the registered training.

Thanks to the Deaconess Foundation, The Basic Kits are FREE for your use (note: paper copies will have a small shipping charge). Additional items for purchasesuch as the training dolls – will have a nominal cost, and will greatly enhance the value of your training.  

Add 30 minutes to your training time when incorporating hands-on practice with our specially designed training dolls. (We recommend one doll for every 12-15 participants).

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Specify a quantity for any of the products listed on this page, then click 'Add to Order' to add them to your shopping cart. Please order one (1) for each participant. For example, (50) 3rd graders using digital = Qty 50 on SKU BK0103ED. All materials are copywrited and may not be reprinted without permission.